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For the keen model maker – wood carver. Stylish and intended as an ornament. Imagine a horse stretched out in full gallop but carved in miniature. What a beautiful ornament for any home or to complement a collection of dolls. This horse is a delight for a woodcarver. Designed for carving with the difference that it follows the style of the traditional rocking horse by having real hair mane and tail, it is also painted, although it could be left as plain wood and varnished or polished

It is tempting to display the horse in a window, which is fine if the hot sunshine is not streaming through. The horse should be kept away from any concentrated source of heat, such as a radiator. This horse cannot be used as a normal toy as the legs are likely to break if it is dropped.

• 28" (711mm) overall length



Full size plans (scale 1:1) that can be laid straight onto the wood and drawn around, details of wood required and direction of grain, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and coloured photographs.


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Leather saddle, rein and harness straps, horsehair mane and tail, brass stirrups, glass eyes, saddlecloth and decorative nails.


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